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I am a single mom who really enjoys face painting and balloon twisting.  I love the smiles when they look in the mirror and see thier decorated face or when I hand them their sword or magic wand.  There is nothing in the world like it.  

I face paint and balloon twist in my spare time on the weekends .  I have a career in hospitality which I devote my time to during the week.  I really truly believe to be in the hospitality field, you must have hospitality in your heart.  And be fanatical about details.  

I've been face painting for over 20 years and balloon twisting for about 12 years now.  It took me a few minutes to get over the fear of popping the balloons but once I did I discovered how much fun it was!  I started out with a home made costume, a bag of balloons with a dollar store hand pump and a few face paints.  

The business has grown and evolved.  Luckily I have fabulous family members who help out when they are needed.  I use trusted professional face paints and have expanded my skill at twisting.  Please though, do not ask me to create Justin Bieber.  I do not have that skill level....yet.  (And yes, I did have a girl ask me to make her that out of balloons!)

I look forward to entertaining at your next event!‚Äč

Face Painter and Balloonist